(Updated) Airtel Direct Free Internet Trick – Use Unlimited 3G/4G Internet


Airtel Unlimited Free internet Trick – Airtel Direct Trick (2018)

Airtel Direct Free Internet Trick. Get Unlimited Free 3G/4G Internet Using 2G Unlimited Plan. Airtel Direct Trick Solution 2018. Airtel Unlimited Free Internet Trick.

Airtel Direct Trick : Hi guys tricksone.in come back with a amazing trick for all airtel users. In this post I will discuss about “Airtel 4G Unlimited Direct Trick 2018”. How To Use Unlimited free Internet in Airtel Sim Using some tricks. In previous post i have told you how to use free internet in airtel using UC browser handler. There are some data limitation in that uc handler trick. But today in this post I  will show you how to unlimited 3G/4G internet on Airtel using Airtel’s new Direct trick and its Solution 2018.

airtel direct trick solution 2018
Airtel Direct Trick 2018

Airtel Diect Trick and Its Solution 2018

Actually in this method you have to recharge with airtel’s unlimited 2G internet pack which is at Rs.198 in West Bengal (pack rate varies states). And then you have to recharge with a small 3G/4G data pack of Rs.29 (in WB). After recharging you have to do some tricks to convert the unlimited 2G to 3G/4G speed. It’s very interesting trick. Please read full Airtel Direct Trick post carefully before doing any steps.

Please Note : I got the trick from one of my facebook friends. It is not 100% sure that the trick will be worked for you. There is no guarantee to work this trick. Try this trick at your own risk because it’s very costly for testing the trick. I don’t test or use this trick personally.”

Requirements For Airtel Unlimited Direct Trick :

  • 1 Airtel Sim Card
  • 1 Android Device
  • Unlimited 2G internet Plan for 28 Days (Rs.198 in WB)
  • 28 Days 3G/4G interet pack for 28 days (Rs.29 in WB)
  • My Airtel App – Download Here

(1st Method) How To Convert Unlimited 2G to Unlimited 3G/4G (Airtel Direct Trick Steps) :

  1. First of all do a Recharge of Rs.198 for unlimited 2G data for 28 days.
  2. Then recharge of Rs.29 for 150MB 3G/4G data for 28 Days too.
  3. After that normally use the internet. It will reduce 3G/4G(Rs.29 plan) data and you will get normal 3G/4G speed.
  4. Now after using data when last 2MB of 3G/4G will be left just open My Airtel app and Go To Family Share option.
  5. Then add any Airtel number to family share section. (You can add your friend’s or family’s number).
  6. After that now again use the internet and you will see the 3G/4G balance is 0 but you will get the same 3G/4G speed continuously.
  7. Done. Now You can use unlimited 3G/4G using your unlimited 2G pack. Enjoy.

Airtel Direct Trick Solution 2018 :

Some people say that when they cross 1GB the network signal got lost. So they can’t use internet. For them I got a solution to bring the signal again to enjoy Airtel Direct Trick. For this You just need to Recharge a small 2G pack again. You can recharge Rs.5 2G internet for this. I wish it will help you to enjoy with this free internet trick.

Airtel Unlimited 4G Direct Trick 2018 – 2nd Method :

Hey guys if the above trick doesn’t work for you then you can try the 2nd method which is mentioned below with Step by step guide. In this trick you don’t need to recharge with Unlimited 2G pack. So you don’t need to spend big amount of money. Only 3G 29Rs Plan is required which comes with 500MB 4G Data with 28 Days validity. Then just need to tweak 🙂 Okay let’s go to the steps…

1) First of all you need to recharge with Rs.29 – 500MB 3G/4G Pack in your Airtel Number.

2) Now you need to Add a Airtel number to Family Share. You can do this from My Airtel App or SMS like below.

ADD <any airtel number> to 121

3) Now Use your Mobile data Normally and when you Finished 490-495MB Data and your Internet balance remail only 4-5MB then Disconnect your Data or turn off data.

4) Remove the Family number and then Again add another airtel number in your Family Share.

5) Done ! Now you can use Unlimited 4G Internet in your Airtel Sim.

Final Words : So friends this was the complete details about Airtel Direct trick and how to use Airtel Direct Trick for using Unlimited 3G/4G internet in 2018. Airtel Direct Trick Solution is also added, if the trick will not work you can try this solution. hope you guys like the post. As I said above I didn’t try this trick. Try at your own risk. Thanks for visiting. Keep visit for latest updates.



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