How To Lock and Unlock Your PC Using USB Pendrive/Flash Drive


Lock and Unlock PC Using USB Pendrive

Now Replace Your All Forms and Password Using USB Flash Drive. With The Predator Software You can Easily Lock/Unlock Your PC With USB Pendrive. So Today We are Going to Share An Amazing Trick By Which You Can Lock and Unlock PC Using USB Pendrive. Read Below Post Carefully To Know About it.

Lock and Unlock PC Using USB Pendrive
Lock Your PC Using USB Drive. Easily Lock/Unlock Computer/Laptop With Pendrive. Open PC Using USB Pendrive. How To Lock and Unlock PC Using USB Flash Drive and Pendrive. Control Your PC with Pendrive.

Lock and Unlock PC Using USB Pendrive

Basically we Login to our Computer with Passwords or Pin. But today I am sharing a new and Cool way to Unlock your PC or Laptop. Do you know ? You can Login to Your PC with a Particular Pendrive and its Password. Means No one can Login to Your PC without that USB Pendrive. In this case The Pendrive will act as the Computer Password. Is is not the Cool way ! Yeah Of course. It’s really a Amazing method to Lock and Unlock Your PC/Laptop with USB Pendrive or Flash drive. You can Start Your Computer with Your Pendrive Otherwise it will if the Pendrive is not Plugged in.

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⇒How To Lock and Unlock Your PC Using USB Pendrive ?

Lock and Unlock PC/Laptop Using USB Pendrive or Flash Drive
In this Method we will Use PREDATOR Software for Locking and Unlocking PC. Predator will Lock Your Computer when You are away from Your PC. If you Remove the USB Drive then this Software will Disable the Keyboard and Mouse and Screen Display will be Darken. So in this way if you are away from your PC then No one can use Your Computer or Laptop. After Returning to Your PC if you Again Insert the USB Drive to Your Computer then Keyboard, Mouse and Display will Work again immediately After putting the Pendrive/Flashdrive. Let’s Check the Easy Steps of the “Lock and Unlock PC Using USB Pendrive” Guide.

Step 1 : First of All Download and Install Predator Software in Your PC. The File will be in Zip Format, Just unzip it and Simply Install it. Download from here – Download Predator

Predator Software For Locking/Unlocking PC Using USB Drive
Step 2 : After Successfully Installing Open the Software and It will ask to Set the Password and Recovery Key. Insert Your USB Pendrive.

Lock Computer With Pendrive
Step 3 : Here You can Choose Any Password of Your Choice. This Software will ask to Select the Particular Pendrive to Open/Login to Your PC to Avoid Login with Other Pendrive.

Unlock Computer Using Pendrive
Step 4 : Now Your USB is Ready to Use and You ca Use its Other Features from Preference.

Lock and Unlock Computer Using Pendrive/Flash Drive
Now Every Time when you Open/Log on to Your Computer Just Insert the Pendrive and The Software will Launch Automatically. Just Enter your Password and Do your Work. After that Remove your Pendrive to Lock the Computer. When you Remove the USB Pendrive the PC will locked immediately and When you again Insert the Pendrive it will Unlock again.

Lock and Unlock Computer with USB Pendrive Using Rohos USB Logon Key :

This is an Another Software for Making USB Pendrive as Security Token for Your PC/Laptop. It is a Two Factor Authentication Solution that Allow you to Access Windows PC in a Secure way with USB Pendrive replacing the Original Windows Login system.

Step 1 : First of All You Need to Download Rohos logon Key from here – Download Rohos Logon Key

Step 2 : Then Simply Install it In your Computer. Launch the Software and Click on Setup USB Key.

Lock and unlock PC using pendrive with Rohos USB Logon Key
Step 3 : Now on Next Page You will See 3 Drop Down Menus. Just Click on Second Drop down Menu and Select USB Flash Drive.

Unlock Pc with Flash Drive using Rohos USB Logon Key

Step 4 : Then You Need to Enter your Windows Password there in the Box and Then Click on Setup USB Key.

Rohos Key Software to Lock PC using flash drive
Step 5 : After that a Pop up will come saying that Your USB Key has been successfully Configured.

Unlock Computer using flash drive
That’s it ! Yo are done. Now you can easily Lock and Unlock Your PC/Laptop Using USB Flash Drive. Use Your Flash Drive for Windows Login and Remove it for Locking the Computer.

Other Software For Making USB Pendrive or Flash Drive as a Password of Windows :

Well, There are More Software are Available in the Market that will Help you to Both Lock and Unlock Your PC or Laptop Using USB Pendrive. I have Given 2 Software with their Locking/Unlocking Guide. Now below I have described three more Best software that can help yo Lock and Unlock PC using Pendrive. I Have not Given the Steps. It’ really very Easy to Use. Just Follow their Steps in the Software Carefully.

1. KeyLock :

Keylock is one of the Best Software for Windows Operating System. This Software Allow User to Lock and Disable their Computer Using USB Flash Drive. The interface is very Simple and It will Disable the Mouse, Task Manager and Keyboard which makes impossible to Control the PC.

2. USB Raptor :

USB Raptor is One of the Most Popular Tool For Locking as well as Unlocking Windows PC using USB Flash Drive. It is available in the Windows market. However the Tool works quite Differently. It locks the Entire Windows system when the USB drive is Removed and when it Plugged in again the System will work again.

3. USB Lock :

USB Lock is Software Tool which is not Available for Windows Operating System. It is only Available for Apple Mac OS. This tool Helps the Users to Lock/Unlock PC Using USB Flash Drive. As soon as you Removes the USB Flash drive the Computer will Lock. But Users will get a Option to Unlock the PC with the help of Password.

∴ Final Words :

So friends this was the Article about How To Lock and Unlock PC Using USB Pendrive. By this Trick You can Easily Lock/Unlock Your Desktop/Laptop Using USB Flash Drive. These Software will Provide Pro Security Service with a Amazing and Cool method. So if you are away from your Computer and have the USB Flash Drive, then Never Worry about your PC. No one can Use or Unlock Your PC/Laptop without that USB Pendrive/Flashdrive.

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