(Kerala Needs Us) Raise Your Hands Towards “Kerala” | Here’s How To Help


Raise Your Hands Towards God’s Own Country “Kerala”

Hello TricksOne Lovers, Usually We post About Loot and Recharge Tricks. But Today I am Going to Tell About on a Serious Matter & We need your Support on this Issue. One of Our State “KERALA” Needs our Early Support.

Kerala Flood Donate

Kerala is Suffering from Flood from Last 7 days or more. We are aware about the Natural Disasters in Kerala. Everyone is Using Social Apps and Most of the the Students are Aware for the Current News in the Nation. Here I will tell you About Kerala’s Flood and How They are Suffering from Flood. How can we Help people of Kerala with our Best to Grow up fast.

Raise Your Hand, Support And Stand With Kerala

Effects of Floods/Natural Disaster in Kerala State :

  • Here i am discussing on how much Kerala state has been effected by this dangerous Flood, and what are the issues right now! How People are suffering from Water Causes – Because of Flood.
  • 50000+ houses damaged.
  • 10197 km of PWD roads damaged.
  • 60000 KM of LSG roads damaged.
  • 4000 transformers, 17 substations shutdown to avoid accidents.
  • 30000 hectare agricultural loss amounting 770 Crore, 2 lakh farmers affected.
  • Nedumbassery Air port closed.

By reading this we can understand how much the people of Kerala are suffering, and most of them are homeless or not in contact with government or relatives. More than 50,000 houses are Damaged & Hundreds Lives are Lost. Around 2.5 Lakh Farmers are Effected 🙁

They all re Trying their Best to Come back fro this Disaster but Even they Need Support, Time & Money. All of this Stands with a HELP which we can do just by sitting at our home and by putting some keys on the keyboard!

Here I am showing you a video which was posted by the Kerala State Government and you can understand it and guess the real harm of the state.

How Indian Army, Government, NGO & People Like Us Are Helping :

  • 23 helicopters for rescue operations.
  • 100 + teams of Army Navy, coast guard and NDRF.
  • 2.25 lakh people rescued.
  • 1568 rescue camps running.
  • More then 1.5 Crores has been Donated from all Over Indians.

I am Saluting the Indian Army for Helping in this Harmful Situation of Kerala. Here I am Giving you the Details by Which you can Donate Some Amount of Money and Stands with Kerala to Help to Stand Kerala Back. It’s our Duty to help the affected rebuild their lives. Contribute generously to the Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund.

How To Donate / Contribute in Kerala’s Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund :

There are many ways to contribute your funds to the Prime Minister’s Disaster Relief Fund. But the Most Common and Preferable way to Donate is through PayTM or UPI. Because most post of Visitors are Students and have Paytm or UPI apps in their Smartphones. Not only our Visitors, Nowadays Everyone has UPI Facilities in their Mobile Phones.

You Can Donate/ Contribute Your Funds from Rs.1 to Rs.XXXXX

Contribute can be Done from Rs.1 to Infinite Amount. I am not Forcing you to Donate or for the Contribution. You can Pray for the States and it’s Affected People. This is also a Part of Contribution 🙂

But according to the “tweets” of Chief Minister Disaster Relief Fund of Kerala, they need around 9000 crores to get them back from this Mess. We can help them very Easily by Sending Funds.

Donate/Contribute via PayTM :

  • Just Update Your Paytm App and Login to Your Account.
  • Go To Dashboard of the App & You will See Kerala CM’s Distress Relief Fund Logo on Dashboard.
  • Just Click on Kerala Funds option & then You can Donate.

⇒Or Visit this Direct Link To Pay via PayTM : Donate Here

Contribute Via UPI :

Final Words :

I think you will Show your Nationality by Helping Kerala State and the People of Kerala who are Suffering from the Worst Flood. I think the Best and Easier way to Donate is PayTM and UPI. You can Read this Article for more Information.

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