How To Remotely Control One Android Phone with Another Android


Remotely Control One Android with Another

Hey Guys Today we Are Sharing a New Amazing Article for How To Remotely Control One Android with Another Android. These are Some Apps Available for Controlling One Android Phone from Another Android Device. Today We will Discussed About Those Apps Specially the Good Working Apps. So Let’s Take a Loot at Remotely Control One Android With Another.

Remotely Control One Android With Another
Now a Days Android is the Most Popular Operating System for Smart Mobile Phone. Now You Can Easily Control Any Android Device with Another Android Phone with the Remote Access Method Using Some Cool Apps, We Have Mentioned Below. You Can Solve Problems of Your Friend’s, Relative’s and Other’s Mobile by Controlling Their Android Device from Your Android Device. So Have a Look at the Complete Guide to Control One Android Device from Another One.

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How To Remotely Control One Android Device with Another Android Phone

This Method can be Done by Using Some Cool Android Remote Access Apps that will Allow you To Control One Android Phone from Other Android Using Remote Access Feature. Here We Have Added Total 5 Best Apps for Remotely Control One Android with Another.

Team Viewer App

Many of you Have Heard About Team Viewer Software. It will Give You Remote Access to Control One PC from Another Computer/Laptop. Similarly it Launched as Android Version Team Viewer APK that will Help you to Control One Android from Another Android Phone by Remote Access.

Features :

  • Effortlessly access Any computers behind firewalls and proxy servers.
  • Intuitive touch and control gestures.
  • Full keyboard functionality (including Ctrl+Alt+Del).
  • Easily Transfer files in both directions
  • Multi-monitor support.
  • Sound and video transmission in real-time.
  • Highest security standards: 256 Bit AES Session Encoding, 2048 Bit RSA Key Exchange.
  • Very Fast Working.

Download Team Viewer App Remote Access App

This is an Another Good App by which you can Control One Android device from Yours. By this App You can Solve Many Problems in Other’s Mobile. This is a Best App for Job Holders for their Team Discuss. Read below Features.

Features :

  • You can Create your own personal link ( name).
  • You can Set Your Own Personal Background Image.
  • Swap presenters during meetings.
  • Set your own background image in settings.
  • Includes full access to desktop version too.

Download App

RemoDroid App for Android

It is Best Popular App that will help you to Control One Android Phone from Your Android Device. By its Remote Controlling Feature You Can Easily Control Any Android Device with Another Android Mobile. This Remote Controlling App is Available for both Windows and Mac also. Currently this App is in Beat Version. It means It may Not Work in Some Devices. This is App mainly developed for Controlling Android TV, but it works nicely with the Wide Range of Android Mobiles and tablets.

Features :

  • You Can Easily Share Your Screen.
  • Remotely Control Android Device and PC.
  • It Supports Multiple Users.
  • Connection Managment.
  • Works on Every Network (3G,4G,WiFi).

Download RemoDroid Apk

Android VNC Viewer

It is Another Cool Android Remote Device to Access Another Android Device. This App Provides Many Features Like Import and Export Settings, Mouse and Keyboard Settings, Zoom option, Connect to Any Computer Running on VNC Server and Much more When You Install the App.

Features :

  • Connects to most VNC servers including TightVNC, RealVNC on Win and Linux, x11vnc, and Apple Remote Desktop on OS/X etc.
  • Lots of Features which You Can Customize as You Want.
  • Preserves sent text from session to session.

Download Android VPN App

AIO Remote App

AIO Remote is a Android Applicable that will Allow you to Control Any Application through WiFi. You can Easily Control Your PC with Your Phone as well as Control One Android with Another One using AIO remote Android App.

Features :

  • Easily Control PC with Android.
  • Easily Control Android Mobile with Another Android Mobile.
  • Control Through and WiFi also Bluetooth is Supported.
  • Windows, Linux, and Mac are supported.
  • Remote File Manager: Browse your files remotely and open them on your computer or Android device.
  • Advanced Mouse Control Using Touchpad.

Download AIO Remote App

Final Words :

So Guys I have Added 5 Best Apps for Remotely Control One Android with Another One. By Using these Best Remote Controlling Apps You Can Easily Share Your Screen or Directly Control One Android Device from Another Android Mobile. Hope you guys Like this Post. Thanks for Visiting, Keep visiting For Latest Updates.


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