How To Run Multiple Accounts of Same Apps on Android


Run Multiple Accounts of Same Apps on Android

Run Multiple Accounts of Same Apps on Android : hey guys Now you can use multiple accounts of same apps like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, or any other apps on your Android phone. That means you can use 2 Whatsapp/Facebook or other apps in your Android device. Easily Access 2 Accounts of Same Android Apps in one Phone.

How To Run Multiple Accounts of Same Apps on Android

Access or Run Multiple Accounts of Same Apps (Android)

You can make Multiple accounts very easily different credentials on different social networks. But you can’t manage or Run them together (Same credentials/apps) on your Android phone. So today TricksOne is sharing a new trick on How to Run Multiple Accounts of Same Apps in your Android device and Install the parallel app of any app and keep the both app together. Didn’t understand? Okay let me explain it more clearly. There are some amazing apps which allow you to divide 1 app to 2 app. Means it will install a copy app of the same app what you want to clone or divide. Don’t worry the 2nd app will have its own fresh data and you can login to your other account in those 2nd app. Run Multiple Accounts Of Same Apps on Android.

Install Twice App of Any Android App Using Parallel Space

You might have more than one account on your social networks like facebook, whatsapp, instagram, twitter etc. Now you can easily run your multiple accounts of the same social networking apps in your android phone with the above concept. Don’t worry I will show you the easy step by step guide for clone any any app using Parallel Space app. Parallel Space is a very famous and really awesome android apps which is available in Google Play store. By using Parallel Space you can easily install twice app of any app on your android phone. So lets’s Checkout the below Procedure.

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Steps To Run Multiple Account of Same Android App Easily (Parallel Space) :

  • First of All Download Parallel Space in Your Android Device. Download it From Here – Download Parallel Space
  • Install the App. The app will Help you to Run Multiple Account of Same app simultaneously.
  • Now Open the Parallel Space App in your Device.
  • After Opening Click on Start button. It will Show you which apps you want to Clone.
  • Just choose your favourite app which you want to device into 2 apps or want to Clone.
  • It will ask you Permission Just click on Accept.
  • On the next page It will show you the Cloned apps and from there you can access your 2nd app. Just click on your app and Login to your 2nd account.

clone apps using parallel space

  • For opening your Second Account of the Same app, first go to Parallel Space then Run it from there.

clone apps using parallel space easily

  • Enjoy with your Second account in your same android phone.

For MI/Redmi Users :

If you are Using Xiaomi Redmi/MI phone then you don’t need to Install Parallel Space or any other cloning apps from anywhere. MIUI has already the feature to Clone Apps Using Dual Apps Settings. Check below to Clone Apps in Redmi/MI phone.

Steps :

  • First of All Go to Your Main Settings of the Phone.
  • Scroll Down and You will see Dual Apps Option in the Apps Settings Section.

clone any apps in redmi

  • Then You can Choose the Apps which you like to Clone.

dual apps in mi

  • Just Select the apps and It will Clone Immediately.
  • Enjoy with your Cloned Apps in which you can login with your second account information and Use 2 accounts of same app together.

clone apps in redmi

  • You can also Use Second Space Option for Accessing Multiple Accounts of Same apps like below. Redmi OS (MIUI) also supports Second Space Feature. You can get it from the Settings. Follow the instruction there to do it.

How To Clone App or Run Multiple Accounts of Same Android Apps Without Any Third Party App :

  • First of all,Go to Home Page on Your Android and then scroll down to See the Notification Bar. Click on “User” icon like below Screenshot.

dual apps on Android

  • On next Page tap on “Add User” And then Set a new Password or Fingerprint. I will allow you to Enter the Second Space of your Android mobile.

add user on android

  • After Creating you need to pull down the notification bar and then tap on Users icon and then choose the guest account.
  • That’s it. You are done! Now you can install any app on your guest account which is installed on your main account(user). By this way, you can run dual apps on the same Android device(main account and guest account.

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Final Words :

So friends this was the full guide for How To Run Multiple Accounts of Same Apps on Android. I have given all the method. If you are a Redmi user then Follow the above App Cloning Method for Redmi Users. I am a Redmi users and personally I liked it’s dual apps features very much. Or if you are a stock android user then you can use the above User switching method to run/use multiple accounts of same Android apps or Use Twice apps of same application. Or if you are other Android OS user then Just Follow the Parallel Space Guide, You can easily clone any app as you want using parallel space. Hope you guys like this post. Thank you very much for visiting our blog. Keep visit for latest updates. Stay tuned. Run Multiple Accounts Of Same Apps on Android.


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